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What Is Copper Wire Recycling and How Can I Get Started?


An Introduction to Copper Recycling

Copper may be recovered and reused without losing its conductive characteristics. Consider all the copper wiring and electrical motors produced in the past century and realize that a very high percentage of these had become obsolete and worn out, then discarded. Mostly these materials have ended up in the dump. When buildings are demolished, piles of discarded wire remain. Whenever an office, building, or factory has retrofitted their systems, more wiring components are extracted. Moreover, we have all owned electric appliances and machines that stopped working and automatically went to the junkyard. The challenge is to separate the valuable scrap copper profitably. With a sufficient volume of discarded copper sources, the process of efficient separation and recycling can actually earn money given notable increases in scrap metal prices. Equipment designed to remove copper is available, and buyers can find the right equipment for the type and volume of copper retrieval.

Recovering the Value of Copper

Most discarded electrical equipment, cables, and wires contain recyclable copper that can yield significant value. Given the high cost of mining new copper, recovered scrap copper prices are high and rising. The key, of course, is how to recover valuable copper efficiently and profitably from all of those scrap materials. Copper pricing, as with most commodities, will likely continue to rise in coming years.

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems Can Help

Mid-Atlantic Waste has equipment for recycling copper from virtually any format. The Bronneberg line of wire and cable strippers make easy work of separating scrap copper from wiring that ranges from 1/16” to 7” in diameter. The stripping process yields clean copper strands virtually ready for recycling and reuse. Another approach to the recovery of scrap copper is Mid-Atlantic Waste's line of cable and wire granulators which can process multiple types of material at once by granulating these into small pieces. A final process will separate the copper from the insulating material.

Copper Wire Splitters

Mid-Atlantic’s global partner, Bronneberg, designs and manufactures state-of-the-art wire and cable strippers that neatly and efficiently separate the valuable recycling copper from various types of coatings and housings. From minute wiring of 1/16” to massive 7” cables, Mid-Atlantic Waste offers three versatile solutions. The table-top Kab-V model strips copper wiring up to 2” in diameter and adds a “squeezing” step that removes the tiniest copper filaments from their casing. The Kab-X Wire Stripper provides a more robust capability that removes scrap copper from wires up to 3.5” and can handle 160 feet of material per minute. The Kab-W is the most potent, highly-adjustable stripping machine anywhere. The powerhouse can strip and separate wire up to 7” in diameter and easily penetrate PVC and other heavily armored material.

Copper Wire and Cable Granulators

For recovering valuable scrap metal from a variety of formats at once, Mid-Atlantic Waste granulators are an ideal option. Since not all materials are uniform, highly efficient granulation equipment reduces most forms of scrap into small particles and separates the valuable metals from the other materials. Mid-Atlantic Waste offers a range of six granulators designed for different volumes and types of cable. From the smallest, the Monster EVO Cable Granulator, to the MG Matrix, these machines can process up to 2,000 pounds of cable and wire per hour with a 99.9% degree of effectiveness in the first pass.

Contact Mid-Atlantic Waste's Experts to Get Started Recycling Copper Wire

Mid-Atlantic Waste experts can help you to identify the equipment that will work best for your purposes. With access to a continual volume of discarded materials that contains copper, aluminum or other recyclable materials, Mid-Atlantic Waste will help you find the right equipment for your needs. Contact us today!