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How to Recycle Scrap Wire


What Is Scrap Wire Recycling?

Mid-Atlantic Waste markets and supports world-class equipment capable of breaking down virtually any cable or wire configuration into reusable and marketable metal. While those piles of scrap wire or electrical motors may seem worthless, they contain materials that are valuable.

The essential process is to separate the pure copper and aluminum from other materials economically.

Discarded copper materials are becoming more available as the communications industry converts to wireless and fiber optics. However, due to its conductive qualities, this metal is in more demand than ever for electrical elements of new homes and buildings.

How Do I Recycle Scrap Wire?

Recycling scrap wire components efficiently can be profitable. Copper and aluminum retain their essential attributes when recycled into new wiring, cable, or electric motors. As a result, the market price for these recycled metal is relatively high compared to mining new metals.

The economic key to the recovery of precious metals is the equipment. Mid-Atlantic Waste has partnered with the top international manufacturers in the metals recovery to provide equipment designed for specific applications.

For separation from wire and cable of specific diameters, Mid-Atlantic sells and supports Bronneberg Wire Stripping equipment. These machines separate the valuable copper and aluminum from their coatings or housings for easy recycling. Models can process hundreds of feet of wire per minute and separate the metal from even the toughest materials.

Mid-Atlantic Waste granulators can reduce a pile of dissimilar materials into small granules in minutes to extract the valuable metals from unwanted components.

How Profitable Is Scrap Wire Recycling?

With the right equipment and a steady supply of discarded wire and cable, recycling metals can be profitable. Properly trained, an operator can process hundreds of pounds of material in a day. Recycling scrap wire requires little upfront cost and potentially high return if the raw product is continually available.

What Equipment Do I Use to Recycle Scrap Wire?

With the right machinery, scrap wire recycling may be one of the simplest money makers ever. You may already have an electrical business where recycling valuable metals is a natural extension of what you do. Alternatively, you may have a connection with a ready supply of discarded electrical components.

The key element would be selecting the right equipment to process the material. A Mid-Atlantic expert can help you to decide how to start. These specialists have experience in working with start-ups to assess their situation and select the best equipment to begin.

Choosing the right equipment depends on the types and volume of raw materials available.

Wire Strippers

It is virtually impossible to strip enough wire by hand to make the process pay off. The Bronneberg wire stripping equipment is available in four sizes and can separate the valuable components of the wire or cable in sizes from 1/16” in diameter up to cables which are 7” in diameter. The smallest version, Kab-V, is a tabletop model that handles smaller wire up to 2.5” in diameter and can split up to 160 feet of recycling scrap wire per minute.

The powerful Kab-W is capable of stripping armored cable of varying diameters up to 7-inches. This equipment can separate copper from lead-coated, steel tape-armored, and even stainless steel-jacketed coatings designed to withstand underground conditions.

Cable Granulators

For those piles of mixed materials with different shapes and diameters, granulators are the best option. Here the discarded components can be loaded into the various-sized granulators and are reduced to tiny pieces. Through a series of steps, the system separates the valuable materials from the waste. The granulators produce raw metal that is 99.9% pure.

For help finding the right wire strippers or cable granulators for you, contact Mid-Atlantic Waste now!