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Copper Recycling Guide


Why Should I Recycle Copper Wire?

Copper wire is one of the most valuable recyclable materials. Scrap metal buyers know that the market for clean recycled copper wiring is robust and that recovering this metal can be simple with the right equipment. Copper never loses its conductive properties. Although electric motors wear out and fiber optics and wireless capability are replacing traditional wiring in communication, copper is still much-needed metal. The demand for copper continues to grow as more homes, buildings, vehicles, and additional infrastructure are added. Even new energy sources are requiring copper elements to transfer power to their destinations.

What Is the Value of Scrap Copper?

Scrap metal recycling has taken on a viable identity as scrap metal buyers search the countryside for more material that can be converted to their original form for new production. Many manufacturers are adding recycled materials to their production to take advantage of the cost benefits plus the marketing edge that recycling can bring. Many companies are advertising their sustainable mission, often characterized by recycling and the increased use of recycled material in their products. Recycled copper components are as capable as newly mined material. A key advantage is that recycling has a positive impact on the ecology since the cost of recovering metal scrap is less than mining new copper. Moreover, the recycled material requires less energy to return to the original condition than the processing new copper does.

What Equipment Do I Use to Recycle Copper?

The key to recycling copper wire profitably is  the equipment used to remove the copper from whichever coating or housing that has been used to insulate. With a reliable and continual supply of discarded wiring, Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems can provide the ideal equipment to separate the copper wire from the insulating material.

Wire Strippers

From Bronneberg’s tabletop wire stripper, the Kab-V, to the more powerful Kab-X and Kab-W, Mid-Atlantic has the best machinery to match any volume and size of metal scrap wire or cable up to 7” in diameter.
  • Kab-V, the smallest version of the Bronneberg copper or aluminum recovery systems, is capable of stripping wire as small as 1/16” in diameter up to 2.5 inches. As a tabletop machine, the Kab-V has a squeezing step that separates the metal from the insulation.
  • Kab-X is designed to strip light-armored aluminum and copper cable. Adaptable to various diameters, the equipment can process up to 160 feet of cable per minute. Highly adjustable and safe, the Kab-X has a transparent polycarbonate hood to allow the operator to view the operation while it is occurring.
  • Kab-W makes short work of the heaviest cables and wires, splitting material up to 7” in diameter. Capable of fracturing PVC and the heaviest armored material. This equipment is ideal for stripping wire and cable of varying configurations and coating materials.


For the tough, heavily armored metal scrap, Mid-Atlantic Waste’s line of granulators makes easy work of separating valuable metals from variable sizes of cable and wire at once. The system crushes and granulates the material as it passes through, then separates the valuable recycle metal from the coating or housing materials.

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems Can Help!

For more information regarding the world’s finest recycling equipment, Mid-Atlantic Waste experts will review your situation and advise the best possible option. If you have a ready and continual supply of recyclable metals, Mid-Atlantic Waste has the solution. Scrap metal recycling is a profitable endeavor when approached in the right manner. Let Mid-Atlantic Waste associates collaborate with you to develop a profitable business plan that will allow you to move forward in the growing recycle metal industry. Contact us today!