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An Introduction to Scrap Metal Recycling


What Is Scrap Metal Recycling?

Recycling scrap metal is an activity with many positive benefits. Eliminating non-biodegradable materials in the landfill, conserving resources, and reducing energy usage are real-life justifications for recycling.

Also, there can be a substantial profit in industrial scrap metal recycling when the right equipment is used to reduce the components for further processing. Manufacturers are looking for recycled material to produce their products because of the lower cost and potential marketing boost that recycled content brings.

Sources of Industrial Scrap Metal

Metal scrap is everywhere. Buildings are razed, equipment is discarded, trucks and cars are junked, and piles of wiring and electric motors are thrown away as newer components are employed to replace the old. Knowledgable scrap metal buyers recognize that the opportunity in recycling metal parts is vast and growing.

What Equipment to Use for Scrap Metal Recycling

The right machinery for reducing industrial scrap metal into reusable form depends on the volume and types of material to be recycled.

Mid-Atlantic Waste represents a broad line of machines specifically designed for efficiently separating and breaking down scrap metal components for recycling. Partnering with state-of-the-art scrap metal equipment manufacturers, Mid-Atlantic Waste sells equipment to split cable and wire, granulate metal pieces for easier separation, cut and reduce metal sheets, and even break heavy metal casings.

Hydraulic Shears

Some industrial scrap metal pieces are large, and reduction to a transportable size for reuse is necessary. Mid-Atlantic Waste offers a range of industrial hydraulic shears that cut through the thickest and toughest metal components. For varying uses, industrial shears are available in a variety of configurations and applications. Powerful and compact, these devices can reduce metal pieces of any size and type.

Moreover, while the various versions of the alligator shears are stationary, the hand-held homatro hand hydraulic shears are portable. These shears can remove thick metal pieces and especially capable of handling more precise cutting jobs. The hand-held shears are particularly useful in dismantling automobile sections.


For piles of mixed materials which contain valuable components like copper or aluminum wiring, Mid-Atlantic Waste’s granulators are an excellent choice. The equipment is capable of crushing and granulating wire and cable into small particles, then separating the valuable metals from the surrounding material. These granulators are 99.9 percent efficient in retrieving the relevant components on the first pass.

Wire Splitters

Mid-Atlantic Waste provides the right equipment for splitting wire and cable from their protective coating or cable housing. The three models of splitter are capable of extracting the valuable copper from wires as small as 1/16” in diameter up to cables that are as thick as 7”. The equipment cab process hundreds of feet of wire per minute, yielding clean and ready-to-recycle copper strands.

Is Scrap Metal Recycling Profitable?

With the right equipment to reduce discarded metal into an easy-to-transport state, scrap metal recycling can be a profitable operation. Experienced scrap metal buyers have recognized the vast opportunity in reusing discarded metals of all types and configurations.

Mid-Atlantic Waste Can Supply Your Scrap Metal Recycling Equipment

Before jumping into the business of recycling scrap metals, it is important to examine the potential for success. There are two essential elements to consider:

  1. What volume of scrap metal is available to process? Is the source nearby? Is the amount sufficient for continual processing?
  2. What type of material will I be processing? What equipment is required to break down the raw product?

With answers to these questions, it is time to regarding the best equipment for the job. Our knowledge and experience in the industry can help to start you off on the right foot.