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Automated & Semi Automated Side Loaders

Automated side loaders are the answer to maximizing the amount of households serviced with a minimum amount of manpower. An automated side loader route can be as many as 1600 homes per day with just one employee per unit. The body sizes range from 16 to 37 cubic yard capacities. These units allow clean and quick collection of containers ranging in sizes from 30 to 300 gallons in 8 to 10 seconds per stop without the cost of the workmen’s compensation claims for employees. Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems is a distributor for HEIL Side Loaders

For versatility, dependability and speed of operation, one of Mid-Atlantic’s side-loading waste management vehicles will fit the bill. Available in a wide range of configurations, these trucks handle nearly every commercial or residential refuse collection challenge. With superior automated extension arms, capable of reaching and lifting heavy waste containers in a wide radius, Heil side loaders are the industry leader.

With varying capacities, Heil side loaders come with a range of 16 to 34 cubic yards of capacity and an operational cycle of just 8 to 10 seconds per stop. A single driver can manage up to 1600 pick-ups per day without risk of injury. Workman’s Compensation claims are eliminated with this automated system.

Heil Automated and Semi-Automated Side Loaders

Whether in-stock or to be ordered from the manufacturer, Mid-Atlantic Waste is an authorized distributor of Heil waste collection vehicles. Their line of options and configurations are designed to meet every need, large or small. Side loaders are adaptable to most situations since the superior operating arm is powerful and flexible with impressive reach.

Heil produces several models of side loader waste collection systems. Accessories and configurations can be tailored to meet the precise needs of individual buyers. Mid-Atlantic Waste experts are available to help evaluate your needs to determine which vehicles best match your particular requirements.

MultiPack Side Loader

Dubbed the collection vehicle “that can do it all” by the manufacturer, the MultiPack Side Loader features three patented precision-designed elements that further fortify the resume of this well-designed vehicle. The DuraPack body provides extra strength at its core. The Python Automated arm is powerful and able to reach locations that others cannot. Capable of lifting 1,250 pounds at curbside or 625 pound when fully extended, this automated arm can handle any challenge along the way.

In addition, the robust DuraPack 5000 tailgate compacts and closes solidly to eliminate leakage and optimize holding space. Depending upon the demand, this versatile truck can manage manual or automated routes easily.

Retriever Satellite Side Loader

For smaller jobs, the Retriever satellite side loader comes with 6 and 10 cubic yard capacities. This compact but powerful waste collector is frequently used for parks, airport areas, gated communities, beaches, alleys and other tight spots. Maneuverable and compact, the Retriever does not require a CDL for operation and is often used also as a back-up for missed stops and really difficult to reach situations.

Starr System Side Loader

The only semi-trailer refuse system, the Starr Side Loader is a unique choice for waste collection. Because of the tractor and trailer configuration, the Starr Side Loader is more maneuverable than larger straight trucks. Capable of rounding small cul-de-sacs and tight areas, the Starr Side Loader works with a tractor-mounted operating arm that lifts the waste containers onto the trailer packer body. This unique tractor-trailer approach allows for interchangeability of trailers. When one trailer is full, it may be parked and another can be attached. In fact, two full trailers may be attached in tandem to haul everything to the disposal location.

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