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An Introduction to Scrap Metal Recycling

What Is Scrap Metal Recycling? Recycling scrap metal is an activity with many positive benefits. Eliminating non-biodegradable materials in the landfill, conserving resources, and reducing energy usage are real-life justifications for recycling. Also, there can be a substantial profit in industrial scrap metal recycling when the right equipment is used to reduce the components for…

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What Is Copper Wire Recycling and How Can I Get Started?

An Introduction to Copper Recycling Copper may be recovered and reused without losing its conductive characteristics. Consider all the copper wiring and electrical motors produced in the past century and realize that a very high percentage of these had become obsolete and worn out, then discarded. Mostly these materials have ended up in the dump.…

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Copper Recycling Guide

Why Should I Recycle Copper Wire? Copper wire is one of the most valuable recyclable materials. Scrap metal buyers know¬†that the market for clean recycled copper wiring is robust and that recovering this metal can be simple with the right equipment. Copper never loses its conductive properties. Although electric motors wear out and fiber optics…

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How to Recycle Scrap Wire

What Is Scrap Wire Recycling? Mid-Atlantic Waste markets and supports world-class equipment capable of breaking down virtually any cable or wire configuration into reusable and marketable metal. While those piles of scrap wire or electrical motors may seem worthless, they contain materials that are valuable. The essential process is to separate the pure copper and…

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