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Why Is Recycling Copper Better Than Extracting It?

Copper, because of its beauty, versatility, and durability, has been used for thousands of years in many different ways. This metal maintains its beauty and conductivity and has a higher recycling rate than all other metals. Recyclers have been able to achieve a 99.9% purity rating for copper, virtually removing any differences between newly mined…

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Where Can I Find Scrap Metal?

The scrap metal industry has become a crucial contributor to the reuse/recycle trends of recent decades. In the United States alone, 250 billion pounds of scrap metals are recycled or shipped to other countries for recycling, annually. The reason for the high demand for recycled metals is simple. Reworking used metals for recycling is less expensive…

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What Is the Best Equipment for Metal Recycling?

The right equipment for a metal recycling job depends upon the metal and the format in which the scrap material currently resides. If the scrap is wiring or cable, equipment that separates the metal from the coating material is required. If the metal should be the steel or aluminum from a car or truck body,…

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What Is the Process for Recycling Copper?

Recycled copper is in high demand. Because of its highly conductive and less corrosive nature, copper is ideal for electrical motors and wiring, plumbing fixtures, heating elements, and electronics. Recycling copper is less expensive than mining new material, the demand for clean, previously used material is always high. From a sustainability perspective, recycling copper is…

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What Kind of Scrap Metal Is Worth the Most?

In our world of sustainable initiatives where conserving resources is environmentally friendly and often profitable, recycling is gaining momentum. Municipalities are recycling household refuse that includes plastics, paper, glass, and metals of many types. Most large companies have adopted recycling as an important element of their sustainability mission statement. Simply stated, sustainability is meeting our…

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Cable Recycling FAQs

Why Should I Recycle Cables? As America’s infrastructure ages and converts to other means of communication like wireless and fiber optics, cable previously used for telephone lines and electrical power will likely become more abundant. These usually contain valuable copper and aluminum that can be recycled for other purposes. Razed or retrofitted buildings often yield…

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