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Forfex Alligator Shears 400, 500 & 600 for Scrap Metal Processing

Forfex Alligator Shears 400, 500 & 600 for Scrap Metal Processing

Providing Forfex Alligator Shears nationwide and at our fully-stocked facilities in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia.

Bronneberg Forfex Alligator Shears

Industrial metal shears are indispensable tools for recycling and waste management. Hydraulics have made them safer, more powerful, lighter, and more usable under a variety of work conditions. Whether you need relatively stationary, heavy-duty scrap metal shears or lighter and more powerful hydraulic shears for more exacting work, hydraulic industrial shears can handle nearly any waste or recycling project you have in mind.

Forfex Shears: Models 400, 500 & 600

The Bronneberg Forfex alligator shears come with four-sided deep-hardened blades and are available in three different models: 400, 500, and 600. Designed for cutting and cleaning of non-ferrous materials, this robust alligator shear is equipped with a mechanically adjustable hold-down clamp, preventing the material from kicking back. 

The alligator shear head is operated by a mechanical foot-pedal offering single or continuous cutting. The easily adjustable metal shear head opening can be adjusted by simply moving the end switch, with operator safety in mind the shear head also immediately moves back to its starting position after operator removes their foot from the pedal.

Forfex Alligator Shear 600

While the 400 and 500 models are capable of handling most materials, the 600 is designed for even larger and more difficult projects. Capable of cutting aluminum and other metal ingots, the 600 series is equipped with an extra-large oil tank and oil cooling. Also outfitted with a safety table for easily handling, the Forfex 600 alligator shears are designed for cutting any oversized materials.

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems and Bronneberg Recycling

As the exclusive distributor for Bronneberg Recycling Equipment in the United States, Mid-Atlantic Waste has created a strategic partnership to market and support Bronneberg’s range of powerful and compact machines. The equipment is designed to reduce a wide spectrum of industrial metals into a more manageable size and form for recycling. The Forfex alligator shears 400, 500, and 600 can be configured to precisely fit your operations and the materials to be reduced.

Mid-Atlantic Waste experts can assist in evaluating your needs to ensure that you choose the best alligator shear for your situation. The scrap metal shears are highly adjustable and easy-to-use. As a small machine with plenty of power, the Forfex alligator shears will not require much space. And since the industrial recycling equipment can be mounted on wheels, the system can be moved to other locations for work as needed or easily moved out of the way of other operations.

Bronneberg Forfex Alligator Shear Safety Features

The powerful Bronneberg Forfex alligator shears are equipped with safeguards to minimize the risk of injury. Demonstration and operational training will be provided by the Mid-Atlantic Waste’s industrial recycling equipment experts. These sturdily constructed shears are equipped with a mechanically adjustable stopper and a foot pedal for continuous or intermittent operation. The link arm is operated by an adjustable limit switch and hydraulic shear head is surrounded by a safety cage. The cut speed and jaw opening distance are adjustable.

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  400 500 600
MOTOR 230 - 480 Volt 230 - 480 Volt 230 - 480 Volt
BLADE LENGTH 16'' 20'' 24''
BLADE OPENING 9.6'' 11'' 13.6''
CUTTING CAPACITY  2.1" Round Bar, 1.6" Square Bar  2.1" Round Bar, 1.6" Square Bar 2.1" Round Bar, 1.6" Square Bar
DIMENSIONS 65'' x 30'' x 55'' 73'' x 30'' x 55'' 75'' x 30'' x 55''
WEIGHT  1900 LBS  2000 LBS 2100 LBS

Our alligator shears are top of the line and in-stock.

All Bronneberg Forfex alligator shears are standard equipped with:
Bronneberg Forfex alligator shears are designed for cutting and cleaning various materials:




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